San Blas Islands The Path to 100

San Blas Islands – Sailing from Panama to Colombia

As tropical islands go, the San Blas Islands are up there with the most beautiful islands in the world. The 365 islands are situated off the eastern coast of Panama and are home to the Kuna people, an indigenous tribe that occupy 49 of the islands while the rest are uninhabited. As a tourist destination, they remain almost totally untouched and a trip here can be done in a number of ways. The most common means of getting here are by sailing, with lots of different companies offering expeditions from Panama City to Cartagena in Colombia and vice versa. As the Dariengap in north Colombia is impassable (you can try it if you like but it’s not recommended!!), the only means to travel from North to South America is via plane or boat – plane may be cheaper andquicker, but by boat, you can take your time, experience the islands, snorkel, sunbathe, kayak and meet lots of new people. (more…)