How to Get the Best Flight Deals

So a lot of people ask me when is the best time to book flights – should you wait until the last minute when (theoretically) the airline is desperate to get rid of the last few seats, should you book as early as possible once you know what dates you will be flying or should you just keep an eye on flights and try to gauge what way the prices are going? Well fear not, this article will (hopefully) point you in the right direction so you can avail of as many cheap flights as possible and hence, go on as many holidays as possible!!  Based on studies by CheapAir (who took data from 3 million airline trips), Momondo (who looked at an astonishing 7.5 billion flights) and SkyScanner (who looked at data from 250 million flights), they all had similar findings. CheapAir found that 54 days prior to the flight is the optimum time to book, Momondo found that 53 days was the best and SkyScanner reported that 49 days is the best. Overall, it seems that any time in the 7-8 week window is cheapest time to book.