How to make the most of a layover in Toronto

When booking flights I sometimes look for ones with a long layover in cities that I would like to visit, so when I spotted that a flight from Dublin to Cancun with Air Canada would involve a long layover in Toronto I booked it almost immediately!

Toronto seems to be growing in popularity as a layover destination for Irish and other European tourist’s on their way to other parts of Canada, the USA and South or Central America. The airport itself is one of the most efficient airports that I have ever navigated, there were no long queues and we got through it very quickly on the 3 occasions that we were there. Read More

72 Hours in Nice

We’ve recently just returned from a short break in Nice. We had such a wonderful time that we just had to write about our trip and share some of our tips for making the most of your time there.

Nice has so much to offer every traveller – old world charm in its ‘Vieille Ville’, modern luxury, a world class beach and gorgeous weather, add in the cute towns and villages nearby and you have a pretty great place to spend a few days or even a few weeks!  Read More

Day trips from Florence

In our last blog post I concentrated on our time spent in Florence (here), while we were there we wanted to explore some of the Tuscan countryside. We only had 2 days and we didn’t want to rush too much so we decided to spend one day visiting Lucca and another taking the Via Chiantiagiana to Siena. We decided to skip Pisa; we had been there a few years ago and didn’t feel the need to return. Read More

2 days in Florence on a Budget

Florence is probably my favourite Italian city and one of my top 5 European cities, there is just so much to do and see, you could visit over and over again and still discover something new!

Ponte Vecchio

Home of the Renaissance, Florence is a mecca for tourists wanting to see classic art, eat delicious food, wander winding streets and check out beautiful views. And its location makes Florence a great base for exploring the Tuscan countryside. Read More

A Quick Guide to Mijas Pueblo

It’s so easy to fall in love with Mijas Pueblo at first sight. Perched high in the mountains and with stunning views over the Mediterranean, this typically picturesque whitewashed Andalusian village makes a great day trip if you are staying in one of the many towns along the Costa del Sol.

Mijas Pueblo
We visited Mijas in early June, just as the summer season was getting started and the weather was just perfect, a warm 26-28 degrees with a cool mountain breeze. We spent our time there wandering the narrow cobbled streets stopping every few seconds to take photos, eating delicious tapas, buying beautiful pottery and admiring the stunning views of the coast. Read More

Gibraltar – What to See and Do in a Day Trip

When most people hear Gibraltar mentioned, they think of a small piece of the U.K. at the south of Spain. Upon visiting Gibraltar though, it’s clear to see that there is so much more. Between its history, its diverse culture, its size and most importantly, the massive rock in the centre of the colony – it’s not your average city. With only 30,000 people living here (plus another 10,000 who travel over the border each day for work) and a total land area of 6.8km², it is scarcely the size of a large town although due to its prominent location at the gateway to the The Rock of Gibraltar from the Airport Viewing DeckMediterranean, it is an area of strategic importance. Due to this it has been at the centre of a number of different wars over the years, firstly the Moors had control until the Anglo Dutch war whereby Britain gained dominance. There have been plenty of attempts by the Spanish to regain control, most notably the Great Siege of Gibraltar, although none have been successful. With all of this history, it gives the place a unique feel with an eclectic mix of both British and Spanish influences.


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