Hi and welcome to my travel blog –  The Path to 100.

My name is Eva and I’m an Irish primary school teacher with a pretty big wanderlust problem. I genuinely love to travel and see new places, every time I tick a destination off my list I seem to replace it with at least two more.  And when I’m not away I’m constantly scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest to get my travel fix.

As  a teacher, I’m really lucky with the amount of days off I get and I really try to make the most of them by travelling around with friends, family and my very patient (Instagram) husband. I’ve managed to visit some really amazing places over the years and I started blogging as a way to share these places and any tips that I picked up along the way with anyone who is interested in seeing the world on a budget, like me.

When I started blogging, last year, it was with an equally travel mad friend of mine, Conor and we had this great idea of visiting 100 countries each and documenting our journey, hence the name The Path to 100. Unfortunately this didn’t work out, Conor had to give up blogging due to work commitments but I decided to keep blogging and maybe in the future I’ll actually get to visit 100 countries!

So that’s basically it, I hope you enjoy my posts and  find the information useful. And if you would like to work with me you can email me on thepathto100@gmail.com.

Oh and you will also find me on Instagram @thepathto100 or Facebook.

Thanks, Eva x